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Reste informé des évolutions dans le monde FORMEX, que ce soit au sujet de la publication de nouveaux produits ou des succès sportifs de nos ambassadeurs. Ici tu resteras toujours dans le bon timing FORMEX.


« Here’s why my new Formex watch made my (every) day »

Bob Block​ bought a Formex because he was looking for something unique, something not everybody has. We met him at Worn & Wound​’s WindUp Watch Fair in San Francisco this May where Bob offered us to write down and share his experience with the watch. Thanks Bob for taking your time. Happy 4th of July and we wish you many more great adventures with your daily wrist companion. Read all about it here.

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Crossing an uncrossable desert – World Record

On May 23rd 2018, Team Latitude35 started a 350-mile trek across the Namib desert, one of the oldest, driest and most barren deserts on this planet. The Diamond Coast, where Jason, Ian and Angus – all with a Formex on their wrist – headed into the desert, was dubbed by early explorers as ‘The Gates of Hell’. In fact, conditions were so tough, 2 out of 3 men had to relinquish the trek, and being a one-man trek from that point onwards, the goal was to break the world record at 107 miles. Did he make it?

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Formex at WindUp Watch Fair in San Francisco, May 18-20

Team Formex will be exhibiting at the upcoming WindUp Watch Fair in San Francisco, organized by Worn&Wound. For the first time, we will present our brand-new development, Formex’s most elegant yet sporty collection to date, still featuring the brand’s signature design and technical elements. Come see us!

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