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About us
The watch with suspension

Founded in 1999 by H.P Grädel and his partners, Formex belongs to the «now-generation» of watchmakers. Not having a century old tradition in the craft of watchmaking, the young company was free to solely focusing on the future and started by re-thinking the way a watch case is built.

With a strong emphasis on comfort, functionality and a very unique design, the engineers at Formex took to the drawing boards. By the end of 1999, the first Formex watch was born and opened the door for a new generation of timepieces. It featured the brand’s signature patented case suspension system, which led to a more robust and comfortable timepiece. In the following decade, Formex’ mission was to create extraordinary designs for their following of aficionados, while always offering best value for money.

Formex World

Our passion consists of Speed, Precision, Mechanics and Adrenaline, a passion shared with our Formex Ambassadors. A team of young athletes pursuing their dream to be the best at what they do, chasing perfection, faster lap times or more stylish runs.