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Great Performance and class victory at the 24h-race at the Nürburgring. Alexander Toril won the SP7 class at the 44th edition of the 24h-Race at the Nürburging and scored a fantastic 15th place overall.

Alexander Toril won the SP7 class at the 44th edition of the 24h-Race at the Nürburging and scored a fantastic 15th place overall. Therefore the BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction Porsche 911 GT3 Cup BF was the best not-GT3-category car. Additionally Toril was able to set the fastet lap of the race as well as teammate Mario Farnbacher.

In a nerve-racking race that was interrupted by a red flag in the early hours due to storm and centimeter close hail, Alexander Toril won class SP7. The Spaniard showed a great performance together with his teammates Mario Farnbacher, Arturo Devigus and Andreas Weishaupt. The quartet did a perfect job together with their team and did not make any mistake during the whole weekend.

In two qualifying sessions on Thursday evening and Friday morning the drivers of BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction´s Porsche 911 GT3 Cup BF (#64) already teased their great potential in both dry and wet conditions. While the weather conditions were inconsistent and a partly wet and dry track Toril set the second fastest lap in class SP7. „We did not want to risks anything in these tricky conditions. We could do faster laps but we´re happy with the second starting position“, said Toril after the second qualifying was over.

On Saturday Toril took responsibility for the start at the wheel of the Porsche. In front of 185.000 spectators and packed grandstands he went into the race from 40th position overall and made his way through the field until the big storm eventually interrupted the race in the fourth lap. Aquaplaning and a lot of accidents around the track made driving with slick tires impossible but Toril did a great job and brought the car home without a scratch.

After the race was finally restarted at 19 o´clock with three formation laps before the green flag dropped, the crew of number 64 took the lead of class SP7 and never lost it during the following 19 hours. In the early morning Mario Farnbacher and Alexander Toril set identical times and secured #64 the fastest lap of the race in their class. For the final stint, Arturo Devigus took over the car and crossed the line with a two laps lead in a fantastic 15th overall position.

„I´m really happy with the result, we had a great race. The car was perfect and my teammates, the team and me made no mistakes during the whole weekend. The whole crew at the pits made a brilliant job. Many thanks to BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction.