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“Gabo” Martinez-Abrego living the sweetest moment of his racing career

Formex Ambassador Gabriel “Gabo” Martinez-Abrego (18) will race two consecutive Moto3 World Championship races, as he is invited to the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Czech Republic (August 6th 2017) and the Red Bull MotoGP Grand Prix of Austria (August 13th 2017) as a Wild Card entry.

Gabriel Martinez-Abrego is living the sweetest moment of his racing career as he has received, for the fourth time, a MotoGP invitation to race in the Moto3 World Championship; this time the Red Bull MotoGP Grand Prix of Austria on August 13th. The Mexican rider had already received approval from the MotoGP commission as a Wild Card rider for the Czech Republic race on August 6, the Austrian race takes place a week later.

This is an historic event. Until last year, a Mexican rider had never participated in a MotoGP World Championship race, that changed when ‘Gabo’ took part in the Movistar Grand Prix of Aragón last season. The Monterrey born and Texas resident rider received his second invitation this year to compete in the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas last April, which is consider his “home race” as he has been living in San Antonio, Texas for five years and was recently confirmed to participate in the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Czech Republic which takes place this coming weekend at the Automotodrom Brno. Now ‘Gabo’ will have the opportunity to participate in a back to back Moto3 World Championship race when he also races in the Austrian MotoGP Grand Prix.

Race schedule MotoGP Grand Prix of the Czech Republic:
4 Aug Free Practice
5 Aug Qualifying (12.35am)
6 Aug Race (11am)

Race schedule Austrian MotoGP Grand Prix
11 Aug Free Practice
12 Aug Qualifying (12.35am)
13 Aug Race (11am)


This succession of World Championship experiences are invaluable in ‘Gabo’s training program as a professional rider. The opportunity of racing with the best riders in the world and competing with them for two consecutive weekends is the best preparation possible in search of his goal of becoming a permanent rider in the Moto3 World Championship series.

‘Gabo’ is currently competing in the Moto3 Junior World Championship, the biggest gateway to the MotoGP World Championship. The positive progression of the Mexican rider has been validated to be confirmed in MotoGP within the Moto3 class as the culmination of his development program. In addition to competing with the best, these opportunities will allow ‘Gabo’ to learn more World Championship circuits.

The goal of the Motomex Team Moto3 structure is to make ‘Gabo’ the first Mexican rider to dispute the Moto3 World Championship as a permanente rider, with a possibility of making this happen next year. This is a very ambitious goal that Mexico has never achieved, but the training program and hard work of ‘Gabo’ has been paying off. These opportunities to participate as Wild Card entry are ideal occasions to complete the necessary preparation and gives the team and the rider the best experience possible.

Gabriel Martínez-Abrego: “I’m extremely happy, racing two consecutive weekends will be incredible. Not only will I learn two new tracks, I’ll also learn to keep pace in two consecutive races. I am physically prepared and that helps a lot, I will do everything in my power to maximize this great opportunity.”

Javier Martínez-Abrego, Motomex Team Moto3 Team Principal: “We are happy to accept the challenge and the opportunity offered by the invitations to the Moto3 World Championship, we will focus our effort and work on living up to what Is expected from us as a team. There are no better learning opportunities, being with World Championship structures requires our best effort, I am confident that we’ll do better every time we participate in a MotoGP event.”

From a press release issued by Motomex Team Moto3, July 31st 2017