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Abraham Calderón

Abraham Calderón is a Mexican racecar driver and competes in the NASCAR PEAK Mexico V8 series and the Mexico Freightliner Truck series. Abraham started racing in the local karting series in his hometown, Monterrey, Mexico, in 1998 when he was 8 years old.

In his first season in the Junior I Series, Calderón won first place in three races and third place in three others. The following year, he won the Junior I Series championship. In 2002, he won the Yamaha Sportsman Championship and the 2002 International Karting Race. After his early successes in various karting series, he moved into the national T4 series in 2005. The following season, he won the T4 national championship.

He joined the NASCAR Mexico Series in 2007, receiving three top 10 awards after a bumpy start. In 2009, Calderón changed teams and improved his record to one top 5 and six top 10 finishes.  Calderón finished in the top 10 in the 2011 season and placed in the top 3 twice, the top 5 twice and the top 10 seven times in the 2012 season.

In 2013, he won the NASCAR Mexico Series race in Phoenix, Arizona, and placed in the top 3 once and the top 10 twice in the second half of the season.  In 2014, Calderón took first in the NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series Championship as a member of the Escuderia Telcel-Telmex team.

Career Path


Incredible season and double-championship for our man Abraham Calderón! He wins the 2017 NASCAR PEAK V8 Mexico Series for the second time AND the 2017 Freightliner Truck Series for the second time in a row.


Again, Calderon seeks the title of the Super V8 with the ARRIS-Telcel-Infinitum car # 2, the most important series in Mexico: Super Copa Telcel.


Concludes third at the Super Cup in the stellar category Super V8, with 785 points, six podiums, one win and one pole position.


Starts another season with the right foot, becoming the first winner of and official NASCAR Mexico race abroad, celebrated in Phoenix, Arizona. Joins Telcel in August.


Starts a new stage in NASCAR Mexico finishing season in the top-10.


Continues in the NASCAR Mexico championship finishing eighth general


Finishes NASCAR Mexico season in the 13th position.


Continues participating in the last seven races finishing with a top-5 and six top-10.


Drives the last three races of the year finishing with a top 10 in the last race.


Starts in NASCAR Mexico and positions top-10 three times.


Wins the T4 Series National Championship


Debuts in the national T4 series participating in three races of which he finished one in fourth, another in third and second places, results that took them to participate in a complete series in 2006.


Moves ahead in the categories in that same series and getting the Championship.


He’s invited to the regional VW called Volks Sports, finishing in fourth place overall.


Finished the Yamaha Sportsman first place.

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