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Class victory at the start of the VLN season. This year Alexander Toril competes with the BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction.

This year Alexander Toril competes with the BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction in the VLN series on the Nurburgring. At season’s opening race the 19-year-old took class victory on a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup «BF».

«Today we did not make mistakes and won deservedly» said Toril after his third VLN-race. «Already in the Qualifying the car felt quite good, which was later confirmed by the pole position. We were able to take the victory although we had to make one extra pitstop!»

The spaniard shard the wheel with the experienced Nordschleife driver Tim Scheerbarth in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup «BF» number 56. The car is based on a normal 911 GT3 Cup, with witch Toril participated in the Porsche Carrera Cup and at the Nordschleife last year.

«Driving this vehicle can be compared to the cars in Carrera Cup, so almost no rearrangement was necessary for me. But I have to get habituated on the long distance and I’m going to be more careful with the tires next time» Toril explained the differences to last year’s Cup.

The duo accomplished the best time in qualifying and made it to the pole position of SP7 class.

«I drove the first three laps, some parts of the track were still wet. Afterwards Tim got my place and he improved the time again, so we could start from the first place!»

In the race, Alexander Toril was the first to drive the car and had to deal with the more powerful GT3-vehicles. After a good start Toril got back to the pitlane and according to the plan Tim took over the wheel. «Tim had to come back after one lap to change the tires once again, because there seemed to be a problem with the new set. That cost us a lot of time.»

For race’s last third, Toril took over the car again. He accomplished the stint with an unquestioned class-victory and also an outstanding 19th position overall.

«We could compensate the time we lost. The whole team made a great job and they would not let themselves throw back because of the vexing coincident» said Toril happily enjoying an outstanding victory with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup «BF» and BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction.